Campaign conversion tracking

You can track how many visitors, after clicking your banner, proceed to a certain webpage (e.g. a checkout page). This can be done by placing a so-called 'conversion pixel' on that webpage.

The conversion pixel is a tiny (1x1 pixel) transparent image.

Please place the following HTML code on the conversion page in order to track the conversions:

<img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="">

Server-to-server tracking (Click to show)

Server-to-server (S2S) conversion tracking is also available. It can be useful where a conversion happens after the user has left your page and no pixel can be dropped (e.g. you have to wait for some third party to confirm if a creditcard charge succeeded). For S2S conversion tracking two steps are required:

1. Make sure you use the ${PIXEL_CONTEXT} macro in your click URLs. So if your click URL is, change it e.g. to${PIXEL_CONTEXT}. You need to store the data passed in the context parameter in your system (maximum length: 312 characters).

2. Then when a conversion occurs your server needs to request the conversion URL and send back the data from the ${PIXEL_CONTEXT} as follows:[context_data_here]

Last 30 server-to-server conversions

2016-08-17 10:33:15[context_data_here]
2015-11-06 08:53:07$
2015-10-29 17:48:49$
2015-10-26 07:52:59$
2015-10-23 18:50:32$
2015-09-02 13:19:48[context_data_here]
2015-09-02 13:19:44[context_data_here]
2015-09-02 13:19:35[context_data_here]
2015-07-09 00:39:57{externalid}
2015-04-29 06:05:39{externalid}
2015-03-28 21:54:55{externalid}
2015-03-26 21:34:56{externalid}

Test conversion

To track a test conversion click on the button below. We'll track both image and S2S conversions for the next 48 hours and display the last conversion below. Note that S2S conversion are always logged and the last 30 can be seen in the section above, so this is particularly useful when using image pixels.

Campaign goal

You can modify the CPA goal (the cost per conversion) or CPC goal (the cost per click) you are aiming for of this campaign below. Modifying this allows the campaign to optimize towards the specified goal, and enables ROI (return on investment) parameters in your reports.