Why us?

What makes us stand out? What's our story?


It all started at the Utrecht University

Five guys who met during college came up with the idea to build website.


So we started to sell advertising impressions

Our website had a lot of visitors each day and the main source of income was advertising space. Thus, we created an advertising network so everyone could advertise with us!


Other websites quickly joined our network

Our platform was working so well that other websites joined. And that's how we became a true ad network: Adperium

3 Jan 2010

In 2010...

We monetized 200 billion banner impressions last year and Adperium was one of the biggest sellers in Europe on RightMedia! It took us only a year to conquer the ad industry!


The same group of guys who met during college are still together, constantly developing the platform and creating new features.

What we've learned from the past is the fact that in order to really thrive, you need short connections to the websites the ads are being displayed on. Combine this intimate relationship to strong algorithms to detect fraudulent ads and impressions and you get the formula to Adperium. To this day, Adperium is a self-service innovative online advertising network. We try to keep our platform as easy as possible while still packing it with the latest technologies. We want to make sure our advertisers can target any inventory they want, while our publishers can exclude any ads they don't want.

Each day, we monetize over 400 million banner impressions for over satisfied 3,000 advertisers. We work with large publishers and small websites, from various verticles, so any advertiser can come and test our inventory for as little as $50!

Our platform is so user-friendly because we gained a lot of feedback from our clients and we want to ask you to do the same thing! Contact us via email, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, or phone!

Our team

Niek van der Maas
Erik Dubbelboer
Rob Demmenie
Matthijs Meulenbrug