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Running an advertising campaign has never been so easy!

Easy advertising

Banner advertising has never been so easy! With Adperium Direct Ads you can start your campaign within a minute. Upload your banner, select the countries you want to target, enter a budget and you're ready to go!

Insight statistics

You can optimize and tweak your campaigns in ways that were never possible: disable under-performing traffic sources, optimize banner placements and use conversion metrics in order to yield even better ROI!

International traffic

No matter if you're looking for traffic from the USA, Western Europe or upcoming markets like Brazil, India and China: we have the traffic! Our CPM rates are as low at 10 cents USD for high-quality traffic.

Sophisticated targeting

Advertising platforms shouldn't limit you to get the most out of your campaign. With Adperium Direct Ads you can upload unlimited banners, tweak traffic sources, get insight reports, retarget your campaigns, and optimize your campaign.

Excellent support

With our excellent support system, you are assured to get a timely reply. Our support team is here to help you with all your questions related to your campaign. You can also reach us by email, Skype and telephone.

Various payment options

No credit card in your pocket? Not a problem, we support over 100 local banks, PayPal and direct Wire Transfers. There's always a way to fund your campaign.

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